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Boobs Doing Things: Mastectomy Nails

Choosing to mark each step of her breast cancer diagnosis at 30 and her subsequent surgeries,

this client has created an anthropomorphic-boob tradition.

The process--from brainstorming to sketching to painting--

is at once silly and therapeutic,

whimsical and caustic,

full of levity and anger,

and the results are absurdist re-imaginings

of a reality that is anything but funny.

Here are just a few:

Bon Voyage, or a Boob's Journey

Working Woman

Going in for a Tune-Up

Quarantine Boobs

The Saddest Nails in the World

Every time I saw this client he had a singular request:

"I want the saddest nails in the world."

Christmas edition

Political Nails

Bernie & the Amazing Monocolor Dreamcoat

Mike Pence's pet fly


Baby Donnie

Elizabeth Warren drinking a PSL

Misc. Nails


Josh x 3

apple cider donuts

Pieter Breugel the Elder's The Fall of Rebel Angels, 1562



In 2018 I presented an hour-long talk at SXSW called

Tiny Canvases: Identity & Protest through Nail Art.