What was your Pandemic Hobby?

Is your sourdough starter still alive?

How many puzzles did you do?

Did you tie dye your own sweatpants

or did you just buy a pair online?

Below you'll find the illustrated tutorial series

that I created in March 2020.

Like sweatpants and puzzles with Mod Podge on them,

nail art is the DIY gift that keeps on giving!

(Unlike that sourdough starter,

these results are funky in a good way.)

Tutorial 1: painting your nails

Tutorial 2: dots

Tutorial 3: leopard

Tutorial 4: panda

Tutorial 5: cuticle care

Tutorial 6: shaping

Tutorial 7: negative space

Tutorial 8: moons

Tutorial 9: acid wash

Tutorial 10: tiger queen

Tutorial 11: ombre, part 1 and part 2

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