Nails Y'all is a one-woman show in Austin, TX,

owned + operated by cartoonist and licensed nail tech 

Meghann Rosales.


In non-Covid times,

Nails Y'all is available for salon appointments,

parties + events, festivals,

film, editorial, workshops, and professional training.


In Covid times,

Nails Y'all offers pet portraits 

and  customized Zoom workshops

for your friends, family, or team.

Check out interviews + nice things people have said here.




(some of this is pre-quar, obvs)

Where are you located?

Currently there is no location

(thanks a lot, coronavirus).

But we'll be back to holding hands soon,



Do you take walk-ins?

Services are by appointment only.

I'm only one gal, and I love to give each client

plenty of quality time.

Click on the Book link above.


How much do you charge?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Check out the Book link above

for specific service details.


I accept cash, card, and check.


Are my nails too short?

No way! I've done BABY NAILS.

There is no reason why your tiny nails shouldn't look amazing.

Whether you bite 'em, pick 'em, or just can't grow 'em,

I can make 'em fancy.


How do I choose my design?

Do I need to know what I want beforehand?

Grrl, this is your world!

You can bring me photos of wallpaper you saw, tile you love,

your favorite sports team's mascot,

your cat, your dog, your frog, your grandma, your kid,

astrological signs, cool geological formations...

Or you come with nothing and we figure it out together!

My nail art is 100% hand-painted, so anything is possible.


How long does it take?

Hand-painted, customized nail art takes time.

Please allow 2 hours for most art services.


How long will my manicure last?

That depends.


Nail art using regular polish will last about as long as a typical manicure normally lasts. I use strong base and top coats,

and many of my clients see longer wear.

To extend its life, moisturize 2x daily, wear gloves for dishes,

and give your nails a fresh top coat no more than 2-3 days later.


Nail art using gel polish usually lasts 10-14 days 

with normal wear, but I'll be real with you:

I see most of my gel regulars every 3-4 weeks.

That's because they moisturize well and wear gloves for dishes.

If you have a job/hobby that's rough on your hands

let me know and we'll find the right combo of products for you.


Do you do acrylics and gel extensions?

I only work with natural nails, but I'm happy to paint

nail art on top of your exisiting acrylics or gel extensions

(you'll book the Art Only option).


Do you do pedicures?

Hands only, y'all.


Do you do parties?


For groups of 3 or more I come to you.

Click on the Parties + Events link above.


My space is very small, so unfortunately

I cannot accommodate large groups at the salon.


Do you do workshops?

I l-o-v-e workshops!

Follow along on Instagram (@nailsyall) for the latest.

You can also book your very own

customized Zoom workshop

by clicking here!


Have a space or event that you think would be a great fit

for a Nails Y'all workshop?

Get in touch via the Contact link above!